ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hearts All Over the World Tonight

I hope everyone’s New Year’s resolution is going swell! Just because January has passed doesn’t mean you can’t keep building a list of resolutions. For many people out there, finding the “right one” in 2016 is a goal to achieve. Recently, February hit us with a much anticipated holiday. You guessed it, Valentine’s Day! This well-known holiday had many people running to find the perfect outfit for a date. Can’t anyone find a good outfit out there? But of course, who says you need a date to look fine as a fox? In 2016, the most common resolution is to enjoy life to fullest. That means date or no date!

For this Fashionista, being strong and confident is the perfect outfit for Valentine’s and any other day of the year. New Year’s resolution, check! Take that for enjoying life to the fullest! Take a closer look! This Fashionista is using all of the little details in this outfit to their fullest potential! She is sporting an awesome medium weight jersey knit dress in the color brown. For her detailed accessories, she paired this simple dress with some black tights that feature cute white heart motifs. Because wearing any type of heel is instantly a self-esteem booster, she added a pair of heeled ankle boots. Last but not least, what is best for fighting off the cold winter wind then a classic knit scarf? This Fashionista keeps it interesting by topping off this look with her gorgeous chunky snood scarf. Winter can’t handle this heat! This look is radiating with confidence, and even a little hint of Valentine love.

This Fashionista’s soft and natural makeup allows the tights to speak. This outfit is great for a first date because it is both comfortable and warm, while still allowing you to feel sexy and confident!

How To: If you want to change up the details, try a different printed pair of tights. I hear they have many cat inspired tights out there! Just remember to keep the main garment simple so that your tights can really get the attention!