ALL IN THE DETAILS: Head Over Heels for Headbands

Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf and grab your favorite headband because this trend has crept its way back into our wardrobes. Let’s travel back in time to our middle school closets (*cringe*) and take a peek at what we used to call fashion. There was anything and everything Abercrombie & Fitch, clogs from American Eagle Outfitters and headbands galore. It was the uniform for every pre-teen girl. Many would never dare sport this again, but headbands have risen from the ashes and made a comeback comparable to Britney Spears’.

This Fashionista has completely rocked this look! She found an elegant headband to give a pop to her all-neutral outfit in place of color. She then accented the gold in the headband with her jewelry to tie the outfit together. While her headband stays sweet, her shoes give an edge to the look. Gladiator sandals have been in our closets for a few years now, and rightfully so. The look is finished with a beige dress that lets the headband do all the work. By keeping the entire outfit simple and neutral, the headband is able to stand out with its blue base and shimmering gold accents.

There’s one rule I live by when it comes to headbands, though. Never wear a headband that is the same color as your hair! This completely defeats the purpose. Someone with black hair should not wear a black or gray headband, but instead rock one with bright or light colors. This trend is a fun one because an outfit can always use a headband, and it’s a lifesaver on bad hair days!

How To: When getting ready for the day, take a second look in the mirror and ask yourself if your outfit needs a little somethin’ somethin’. If you answer yes, throw on a headband that ties in with a piece from your outfit, and walk out the door!