ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off To Ya, Summer

Looking chic and comfortable is a difficult task to pull off during the summer, especially when it is 85 degrees out. Summer brings heat, frizzy hair and more frizz. Did I mention frizz? I often find my hair too chaotic from the heat to wear it down, which leads me to throw my hair in a ponytail. But ladies, there is a way to beat the heat and still wear your hair down in a fashionable manner, even in the hottest conditions. Let me introduce to you an essential summer staple for you this summer: the wide brim hat.

This Fashionista exhibits effortless style while beating the heat and looking fabulous. Her hat, designed by Janessa Leone, is perfect for those warm summer days when all you want to wear is a shirt, flowy shorts and your favorite sandals. By adding this thin felted hat, she brings together a fashion-forward ensemble, all the while gaining protection from the sun. Hats that have wider brims, such as this Fashionista’s, look great on any head shape, small or large, due to its flattering shape. I tend to shy away from hats because of my longer face, but I tried on this Fashionista’s piece and loved the fit!

This Fashionista completes her ensemble with an oversized shirt by Michael Lauren and loose leopard print drawstring trousers. She adds a pair of distressed sandals and a vintage necklace to finish her look.

How To: If you are hesitant to sport a hat, try wearing neutral tones in your outfit, creating a more relaxed look.