After a long weekend at Lollapalooza, this Fashionista stared into her suitcase. After a weekend of perfectly planned outfits, she was left with the leftover outfits from this wild weekend. Her suitcase seemed as bare as the desert. After a few minutes of complaining, this Fashionista finally figured out the perfect outfit for a day of shopping in Chicago. The main components of her outfit were quite simple. A loose fitting floral dress paired with black mules and some jewelry. Finally, this Fashionista is ready to begin her day of shopping. She looks into the mirror and realizes she still has to do her hair. But this Fashionista has a simple solution.

This Fashionista figured out the perfect to solution to a fabulous outfit and messy hair is an equally fabulous hat to match. Hats have been trending this spring and summer. This Fashionista feels that hats are a must-have no matter the season. Depending on the hat, one can emulate many different styles. A leather baseball cap gives you style, but still portrays an athletic vibe. This Fashionista chose this felt hat to complete her bohemian look. This hat really complements her facial structure and pulls together the whole ensemble.

This Fashionista dresses for the scorching temperatures in Chicago with this airy cotton floral dress she pairs them with a pair black mules with a gold buckle. With silver rings and a black leather watch, she spices up her outfit even more.

How To: The great thing about hats is the fact that they are so versatile.This Fashionista used this hat to complete her bohemian vibe, but it could easily go with jeans and a button-down. Don’t be afraid to try on different hats! It could be the missing detail to an already amazing outfit!