Hats are a tricky trend to pull off, but this Fashionista kills it with her stylish look incorporating the ever-so-trendy panama hat. Panama hats are fedoras slightly prettier, trendier cousin. If you think that a panama hat is something that you could never pull off, think again.

This Fashionista opted to style her hair in loose waves under her hat, minimizing the chances of hat hair when she decides to remove the hat later on. However, hats are also a great tool for hiding a bad hair day! This Fashionista doesn’t have that problem, though, since her locks are pretty much perfect.

She also incorporates another huge trend into her look: two-piece sets. This particular set is from Lulu’s, but is no longer online. For a similar look, try this or this.

The trick to rocking a panama hat is to offset it’s rugged look with girly pieces, just as our Fashionista does here. While pairing a panama hat with jeans and an army vest works, you may look as if you just returned from a safari. Hats are easy to style as long as they are paired with the right outfit.

Adding wedges to her look makes this outfit just that much more perfect. Wedges girl up this Fashionista’s ensemble and make for an outfit that can transition flawlessly from day-to-night. While I envision this outfit at a stylish brunch with girlfriends, it would not be out of place at happy hour after work either.

How To: Hats aren’t as scary as you may think! Pair a floppy panama hat in a neutral color with a fun, girly outfit. Two-piece sets like this Fashionista’s are adorable. Bright colors and dainty details offset the intense statement that a hat makes.