To this Fashionista for her summery ensemble—her tribal-print romper is great for staying cool during these hot months, but what really caught my attention was her floppy hat. The floppy hat has really become a trend, especially around Arizona State’s campus, as the sun is almost too bright to walk around without covering your face and shielding your eyes. Although it is almost a necessity, it looks fabulous with this outfit. She does a great job of matching the tribal print with tan peep-toe booties and a gold bangle, and with her hat, she is ready for a day in the sun.

Accessories could be considered one of the most important parts to making an outfit really work and she is able to do so by adding her minimal yet unique statement pieces. Hats have become so versatile, too, as they can take any street style outfit from plain to boho- chic. I have seen this trend pretty much everywhere, from the Midwest to Vegas and virtually in every store that I shop at. I absolutely love how popular hats are becoming and you can find them on any celebrity from Kendall Jenner to Madonna. If you have not already, adding a floppy hat to your wardrobe is a must and can instantly make your outfit perfectly trendy.

How To: When putting together an outfit for a day spent outdoors, consider pairing a loose-fitting, comfortable romper with a bold print with more minimal accessories. Adding simple gold jewelry and basic booties brings the focus of the outfit to the statement piece: the floppy hat.