Summer is here meaning outdoor events are in high swing. When going to a picnic or a horse show one might think floral sundress, but one always thinks hats. Growing up in a town with a small horse track, I grew up seeing informal shows where people would wear jean and a T-shirt. After stepping up into the world of derbies, my preparation for a show focuses now mostly on accessories. Hats are a new fad that I have been focusing on. What I love about hats is their ability to cover up a bad hair day or shade your eyes from the sun. Nothing is better that having your favorite piece of your outfit help make your day easier. So, close your eyes and picture yourself at a lunch with the sun out and a big floppy hat shading your eyes while keeping the wind from blowing your hair into a wild mess. Your hat is now your best friend.

Dressing for a lunch in the city can seem like a struggle, but this Fashionista’s look is on point. Her choice in wearing a hat as her main accessory was the perfect choice on this sunny June day.  This Fashionista is the perfect example on how to wear a look that can be easily swapped for an inside to outside environment. When choosing which kind of hat to wear during your event, make sure to match it  to the vibe where the event is being held. If you are going to a park or sporting even, aim for a baseball cap look. If you are going to a roof top fundraiser, aim for a simple black floppy hat that can shield you face from the sun and easily match a pair of sunnies. Never be afraid to go over the top with a hat, but you can’t go up from there. Literally, it will be the highest part of your outfit.

This Fashionista’s floral dress look is complemented by flats and a floppy hat. This look is the perfect look for any event on a sunny summer day. If you want to dress this look up a little, swap in a classic pair of heels.

How To: Do you have a fancy event that you’ve been invited to? Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and accessorize with a hat! Make sure that you wear a dress that can easily be complemented by jewelery. Make your statement piece a hat that makes you feel like you rock the world.