ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guys Can Accessorize

Whenever I hear the word “accessories,” things come to my mind such as jewelry, bags and headpieces. Accessories have such a strong power in fashion because they can independently make an outfit, like a statement necklace or a colorful cross-body bag. The word definitely has a female connotation to it, and we too forget that accessorizing is a key ingredient in Fashionisto style as well.

I spotted this Fashionisto in this fairly simple outfit of a button-down and shorts. However his taste in accessories is what really caught my eye. He wore a casual light blue button-down shirt paired with Nantucket red shorts and a pair of casual loafers. This outfit is so versatile, making it perfect for many different summer occasions such as barbecues, graduation parties and nights out. To complete this classy look, he wore a cool pair of shades, a stylish watch and a leather belt.

The classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a crazy popular style this season, especially for Fashionistos. They give off a vintage and laid back vibe, which is very popular in men’s fashion lately. The Clubmaster comes in countless different styles for any Fashionisto to express themselves. My favorite part of this outfit was definitely the beautiful tan leather belt that he purchased from Japan. Although it is such a simple piece, it does a great job of bringing such a casual look together to look classy. Finally, he wore a silver Armani watch to bring some professionalism into the outfit. With the help of some RAD accessories, this Fashionisto achieved the perfect casual but classy look. Who said accessories are just for Fashionistas?

How To: Simplicity is key when throwing in multiple accessories. Keep the clothing simple and make the accessories the focal points of the look.