ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gray And Gold Go-Getter

One of the reasons I love fashion so much is because it’s predictably unpredictable. Each season brings about unexpected combinations that have been somehow manipulated into works of wearable art. This Fashionista’s gray ensemble with gold finishings is a great example of a difficult pairing to put together.

The high-waisted element of her dark gray joggers elongates the leg and accentuates the waist. If you haven’t caved in to the soft pant trend, I encourage you to give it a good old college try. This style of pant is comfortable for a city girl while remaining professional and appropriate for various scenarios a girl on the go may experiance throughout her day. This particular style of pant could also be worn with stilettos and a great structured jacket for a more workplace-friendly appearance à la Heidi Klum.

This Fashionista has paired her pants with a busily patterned top. The black and white pattern is on trend with recent runway collections and creates a great contrast against her dark gray bottoms. By using gray instead of the usual black as a primary color, the overall look has been upgraded to have a more modern grungy feel. The addition of a trendy hat for either a bad hair day or to simply keep the summer sun off your face is an easy way to accessorize any ensemble for day.

Her sleek gold cuff and wristwatch continue the modern aesthetic by adding a bright metallic element to her grayscale outfit. The chic gold curved bar necklace that our featured Fashionista is sporting is so popular it can currently be found in any women’s retail store. In addition, her reflective gold frames are not only a must have (seriously though…how #RAD are her sunglasses?) but are also practical and serve as a perfect complement to her floppy sun hat.

Lastly, a pair of sandals with today’s popular chain-link detail and a reliable crossbody bag in a neutral color make this look both fashionable and functional for shopping, lunch with your gal pals, or really any other casual summer day activity.

How To:  It’s as easy as donning a pair of soft, gray pants that are cinched at the waist and ankles to give shape with a black and white patterned top. Then accessorize with simple gold jewelry, a fabulous hat and a great pair of shades.