For many schools, Spring Break has just finished up and students have been trickling back into their school’s city all weekend after spending the past week partying in sun-soaked cities. Back home in Houston, spring has started and the bipolar weather this city is known for is in full swing.

Cool mornings are giving way to blazing afternoons, so light cotton and chiffon have been really prevalent on campus. This Express portofino is a clean style basic that helps ground any outfit while keeping you refreshed. Harem pants or another style of high-waisted trousers can add shape to your silhouette. These blue and green printed pants from Forever 21 lend a little texture to the outfit as a whole.

This Fashionista uses gold and blue jewelry to add warmth to her cooler-toned ensemble while staying connected to her color palette. Sticking with a singular metallic color family adds a unifying element to her accessories and allows her to experiment with different shades of blue. This gold skinny belt from Target helps accentuate the waist and emphasize a break between the blouse and the pants. This Fashionista layered her bracelet and Fossil watch to create a great look. Up top, she replaced a statement necklace with dangly earrings, again using a blue and gold combination. Even her shoes, sourced from a local boutique, manage to stick with the metallic theme through a gold, beaded border.

How To: As always, pairing a solid item with a busier print keeps an outfit interesting without being over the top. Try silver accessories when wearing warmer hues like rose or tangerine to mix it up and cool down the whole look. I know we love breaking out our black flats, but to keep them from being left out of your overall color palette try incorporating a black belt or sunglasses.