Sunny days and long nights are the best parts about the summer! With the suns rays beating down on all of us here in Texas, sometimes it’s hard for Fashionistas/os to dress comfortably and still display their personal style. Today I spotted this Fashionista in a fabulous look, and I immediately approached her with my camera ready. She looked comfortable and amazing, and used the sun to her advantage and came out glowing.

Light and airy materials always work well in the summer. By utilizing neutral tones like whites and golds, this Fashionista really highlighted her bronze skin tone and ultimately achieved a minimal bohemian look. She looked very goddess-like. This Fashionista paired a white chiffon maxi dress with all gold accessories including a gold Fossil watch featuring a teal face for a pop of color. She also wore a floral cuff, gold patterned earrings as well as a very minimal necklace. You could tell this Fashionista is all about comfort. She wanted to wear something that really expressed her personal style yet still allowed her to go about her everyday activities like long treks to and from campus. The whole outfit is very detail-oriented and really displays just how much thought this Fashionista put into her ensemble.

How To: When it comes to this outfit, the sky’s the limit. It’s so versatile and minimal that you could really take it and create something totally your own. I love neutral items with a bit of detailing. This crochet maxi dress is a great way to add something extra to this outfit. Another great way to add your own personal flare is a splash of color. These pompom sandals are a great way to do so without over doing it. As far as accessories go, this scalloped straw floppy hat adds character as well as texture to this outfit.