ALL IN THE DETAILS: Golden And Glowing

It’s summer and that means hot days under the blazing, yellow sun. Avoid multiple layers of clothing and try multiple layers of gems! Warm light should be embraced and expressed by what you’re wearing, whether it be the bright morning or the hazy, golden glow of evening. Bring on the heat by accenting your looks with layers of golden accessories.

This Fashionista combines shades of cream, beige, brown and gold to create a monochromatic look. She is dressed in a simple tan dress and a plethora of golden accessories. Note that she didn’t settle for just one necklace, bracelet or ring, but instead mixed and matched a variety of jewelry sizes, lengths and tones. Layering your favorite pieces of jewelry is a unique way to turn a plain dress into an eye-catching outfit.  Long chains and dainty pendants are perfect for stacking many different necklaces. This Fashionista adds contrast to her (primarily) beige look by wearing a light cream hat. Not only will hats make a fashion statement, but they also serve as protection from the ultraviolet rays the the summer brings. Her dark brown sandals also add contrast to the look. A wrist full of bracelets will tie in the layering technique. Try varying the type of bracelets by intermingling beaded bands, cuffs and chains around a large faced watch. Be bold by wearing an array of bracelets on both wrists as well as an assortment of rings on both hands.

Wear monochromatic colors successfully by adorning yourself in layers of diverse jewelry and a variety of contrasting shades. Go for the gold by dressing like sunshine and be inspired by the weather.

How To: Wear your favorite solid-colored T-shirt or dress and accessorize with different combinations of necklaces. Be sure to include a variance of long and short necklaces, thick and thin bracelets in addition to dainty and chunky rings.