ALL IN THE DETAILS: Glamour To The Maxi

I’ve got a confession to share with you all: I have never owned or worn a maxi dress. I know, I know, what am I doing with my life? Apparently not enjoying it to the max. My lack of personal experience with the infamous maxi dress is not because I do not like them; in fact, it’s because I’m so intimidated by the complete presence and attention they demand in any given situation. But, if you’re not shy from catching the eye of those around you, look no further than this Fashionista to see how she takes simple glamour to the maxi.

Walking around on the University of Michigan’s campus, it was hard to not notice this beautiful Fashionista who looked so effortlessly chic and comfortable (my two favorite things.) Her gray striped maxi dress is a soft and breathable cotton material—the absolute perfect combination for any summer outfit. To break up the pattern in the maxi dress, this Fashionista chose to wear a denim tank button-down over her upper half. She also made sure her golden textured cross-body bag and comfy brown sandals perfectly accented her outfit to create something wonderful.

After seeing this Fashionista’s outfit, I feel inspired. You’ll probably catch me trying on maxi dresses left and right until I find the one that makes me feel the best! Why do I suddenly feel the need to add these to my wardrobe? Well, first off, they’re extremely easy to wear. As with all dresses, they’re one piece of dramatic material that are more than enough to be fashionable, while requiring no time to “get ready.” As a college student who’s always on the go, this is a must for those days when your mind is everywhere else but planning your outfit. There’s so many different types of maxi dresses out there that I’m positive that there is the “perfect” one for every single body type that’ll make you feel rad.

How To: Find yourself a maxi dress that makes you feel like you can take on the world. Whether it’s simple or bold, listen to yourself when it comes to choosing what feels right. If the idea of a maxi dress intimidates you, do what this Fashionista did and break it up with an addition layer on your upper half! Most importantly, don’t forget to take risks in your fashion to make sure your not missing out on what could possibly be your favorite new look!