ALL IN THE DETAILS: Giving Me The Cold Shoulder

Since most of us are not models or athletes, many of us are at least a little bit hesitant when it comes to wearing cutouts in certain areas of our bodies. This can be a pain considering how popular they’ve been lately and now with the heat. This is why I think the cold shoulder detail is so under-appreciated; it is a cutout, but it’s in an area most girls have no objection to showing.

With this look, the shoulder detail is made the main feature of the simple chambray top tied at the bottom. The neutral top, along with the gray fitted skirt, make it easy to pair with the multi-colored sneakers from Vans. Having the more elegant chain strap purse is a welcome contrast to the look, giving it a high-low quality. This ensemble is an overall casual take on the trend that’s great for whatever is planned for the day.

This style is such a simple feature, that it can be worn for a variety of looks. In a fitted, slinky long sleeve dress, that sliver of exposed skin is just enough. In a flouncy boho top, the exposed shoulder just adds a light airy touch to the look. With long or short sleeves, dresses or tops, playful or serious looks, the cold shoulder is a little detail with much impact. Its versatile nature will make it a useful addition to any style of wardrobe. So for whatever styles or trends you typically follow, remember this one as the cutout you shouldn’t hesitate to wear.

How To: Find any style of a casual top that you like with the cold shoulder detail and tie it at the bottom, or tuck it into a neutral skirt that suits the top. Wear it with sneakers, and dress it up with bold jewelry for a clever daytime look.