ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girl's Night Out

September 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s been a long week. After a crazy amount of homework and a loaded work schedule, it’s finally Friday. Tonight is the night to let loose, be free and have fun. But first, the perfect outfit needs to be assembled.

This Fashionista certainly knows how to clean up. By day, she’s winning Jiu Jitsu competitions, but by night she’s hitting the town with her girls in style. Who said sporty girls can’t look hot?

To start off this look, our friend pulled out a short, deep purple dress from her closet. This shade of purple is a personal favorite, it looks amazing against any skin tone and hair color. The envelope detailing on the skirt brings life into the dress that was otherwise quite plain and ordinary. The slimming qualities of this detail is just icing on the cake. To make the look a little edgier, she paired it with a classic leather jacket, which not only compliments her outfit but will keep her warm throughout the night. No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. A tan heel is a wardrobe necessity and really helped to tie this look together. 

This dress is the perfect occasion dress, but not every occasion calls for the exact same style. To dress this look down, a simple jean jacket could be worn in place of the leather one and/or a black pair of low top converse. For the opposite effect, a necklace, big or small, could be worn to add a little bling to the outfit.

Whatever it takes to make you forget about the stresses of your week, you have to do it in style. Whether you prefer the energetic club scene, a delicious fancy dinner or a laid back night at a local pub, anything less than a killer outfit is unacceptable.