ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Caught in Florals

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Caught in Florals

Spring has sprung (at least in the U.S.) and I could not be happier. The warm weather makes me very happy and gets me excited for new trends. When I think about the spring and summertime, loose fitting clothes, comfy sandals, and florals come straight to mind. I try to stay away from cotton materials as they get too hot on my skin and tend to be uncomfortable.

We all love looking cute all year round, but I will always take comfort over anything. That does not mean I can’t be fashion forward. Look at this Fashionista: she encompasses comfort, style, and cuteness! She loves black clothing, as do I, but incorporating florals into her style is fun. Bright flowers on a black background allows for the floral to pop out. Plus, yellow is also an attention grabber. The dress is pleated by the bust and cinched at the waist, allowing for the shape of her body to show and flatter it nicely.

I have mentioned in my other posts my love for Converse shoes. They are the perfect way to express yourself and the adventures your life has taken you on. This Fashionista loves Converse shoes, especially her black ones, because they are comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

While spending my semester studying in Athens, Greece, I have been surrounded by new trends that I have never seen before. Europeans definitely have a different style than ours at home, but I think we can pull from each others’ styles and make a completely new one. A big thing I have noticed was the styling of fishnets. The most popular way I have seen fishnets incorporated into people’s styles is styling them under ripped jeans or cropped jeans where they can be exposed around your ankle. Fishnets socks are also fun where they can peek out of your boots or heels! It adds texture and variety into your outfit as well as bringing back a major trend from the ’90s.

Don’t be afraid to play around with new articles of clothing. You can find out that you love the way it looks and want to share it with all the Fashionista/os you know.

Throw some fishnets on and catch the spring florals!