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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Get Mysteriously Bold to Change Your Mold

March 18th, 2016 at 2:05am

Sometimes in life we wonder if we are too predictable. We start to realize how similar each of our days are to the next and fear that people will soon be able to guess every thought in our heads and every emotion in our hearts. Some of us might even be convinced that if we become too predictable then people will become bored of us and slowly start to disappear. In times like this we crave some adventure. Our desire to be mysterious and bold grows and we want to know how to switch things up a little and feel more confident. One way to do this is to switch up your style.

The gothic fashion style, known for its dark, mysterious and bold look, is a great genre of fashion to jump into when wanting to gain a new sense of confidence. You may be familiar with some of this genre’s characteristics from characters like Wednesday from The Addams Family, Abby from NCIS or even Sam from Danny Phantom. They tend to sport a lot of black clothes, dark make up, dark nails, black hair, a pale complexion and silver jewelry with a religious or occult theme. These characters have a bold personality and aren’t afraid to be or say what they want with a style to match it. However, not all of us are ready for such a drastic change in our wardrobe, even though we still want to switch things up.

When trying out a new style, it is always important to still be true to yourself. Take certain aspects of a new fashion genre you want to test out and start to incorporate it into your look, aiming for a perfect balance.

This Fashionista found the perfect balance between her cute, casual, flirty style and a bold, mysterious, gothic style. She kept the basics from her usual look: a casual dress, a denim jacket and Aviator sunglasses, while adding some gothic inspired details like dark nail polish, black tights, black platform ankle boots, an occult themed necklace, a religious themed silver ring and dark makeup. She lightened up some of these gothic inspired elements to fit her personal style more and help create more of a balance. For instance, she used a dark brown for her nails and used a dark purple for lips and eyeliner instead of using the classic black. With a look like this she is ready to embrace this new bold, mysterious side and learn more about herself than she could have ever predicted.

How To: Slip into your favorite basic outfit, for example a casual dress and denim jacket. Then add some gothic accessories like occult or religious themed jewelry, dark lipstick and eyeliner or black platform ankle boots for just the hint of mystery and confidence you need.