ALL IN THE DETAILS: Functional Fashion

Winter’s cold and it’s powdery white accessory has finally found the Tri-State area, and with that fashion becomes a bit more challenging. However, many Fashionista/os find this painful weather as an opportunity for a new look! I tried to pull my heavy coats and comfy sweaters out earlier in the season, but it just was not worth the sweat. I am so grateful the cold has come and layering is not only fashionable, but it’s also functional!

This Fashionista’s look first sparked my interest when I saw her boots. We’ve all seen L.L.Bean boots make a comeback these last few years, and they have flooded college streets. I love that she went with the zipper look vs. the lace-up. Sometimes it is a small difference that makes a look stand out from all the rest. In addition to the different style boot, she also does this by adding a warm, colorful sock! Honestly, socks have become one of my favorite accessories, and of course, always functional. But what is a winter outfit without a scarf? You can never go wrong tying it all together with a scarf with a pattern and bold colors.

Layering is key to staying warm, but it also keeps you in style! You never know when you may have to take your coat off or remove your scarf, so you have to love every part of your ensemble. Not as obvious at first glance, this Fashionista had two pieces I ended up loving most. Underneath her peacoat she has an oversized black knitted sweater, draping off her shoulder and the stitching was the perfect contrast to her patterned scarf. She also had some sparkly bling in her ears, continuing with contrast and adding a delicate detail. This Fashionista is the perfect example of how much you can do with dressing warm!

How To: Next time you want to pull out your sweats because the cold is too hard to handle, DON’T. I challenge you to grab a heavy sweater or cardigan, a cozy scarf and some matching warm socks. Maybe you find your winter coat boring? Make your accessories colorful and then top it all off with some practical boots. Don’t love an L.L.Bean boot or maybe they are too difficult to find? I love these Sperry Top-Siders duck boots as well.