June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The summertime flowers have not only popped up in our gardens, but in our outfits too! Floral is always a huge part of spring and summer fashion, but it’s often hard to find the perfect accessories to match different patterns. Fortunately, this Fashionista had it down to a science. Her orange, floral dress from Gap matched her earrings perfectly and her tan sandals and dark brown and black purse pulled together the entire outfit.

One of the keys to wearing floral is to pick out a color from the design and match your accessories to it. In this Fashionista’s outfit, she has used the main color of her dress, a burnt orange, to coordinate with her accessories. The color of her earrings is nearly an identical match! However, identical isn’t always necessary. The light tan color of her sandals perfectly accents the dress and the dark brown color of her bag plays off the shade of brown in the shoes, wrapping up the whole ensemble.

Another key to rocking floral is keeping the rest of your accessories sweet and simple. This Fashionista’s shoes were a simple pair of flip flops which are great for a casual day. Her earrings were studs and her bag from Nine West was without a pattern, but still super cute. Simple accessories pull the outfit together, instead of drawing the eye in all different directions.

How To: To get this look, first find your perfect floral piece. Whether it be a dress, a skirt, a shirt or shorts, choose a statement floral that stands out. Then, find a color that you can match or better yet, complement with your accessories. Remember to keep things simple because you want to keep your floral piece as the star of the show. Choose jewelry that is simple but elegant and a purse that is a crisp clean color. Finally, for casual wear, find a sandal that’s relaxed and minimal. For an evening outfit, try wearing a wedge with wide straps.