ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fringed Footwear

June 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Fringe—a fashionable fiend or friend? Just when you think the trend has maxed out all its glory one summery season, it re-emerges the next. Yet, each time the trend rolls around (most notably in the current ’70s trend), we witness fringe manifest a different aspect of apparel. The ghosts of fringe past have left their marks on shirts, purses and even skirt hemlines. Now, fringe is making moves at the bottom of our outfits and on to our shoes.

Unlike typical representations of fringe used in bohemian and festival attire, this Fashionista highlights how fringe can be used for subtle sophistication. These suede, strappy sandals serve as the perfect understated accessory to complete an everyday outfit. By pairing the fringed footwear with white jeans, the shoes become the focal point of the composite look. Plus, they add a dressed up touch to contrast her relaxed look.

As finals approach us at UC Davis, it’s easy to succumb to lazy looks or dare I say it— sweats. By investing in items that do all the accessorizing for you, you’ll be set to go like this Fashionista. Opting for a fringed pair of sandals in black or taupe will allow you to wear them with all your outfits, especially when you’re running late for class and don’t have the time to accessorize.

How To: To ensure your outfit is far from looking like a fringed mess, keep it simple. Pair a graphic shirt with cuffed denim like our Fashionista. To take your look from day to night, swap your denim for a wrapped midi skirt and add a bold lip color. As you frolic through music festivals, consider investing in a pair to become your next go-to item. You’ll be one step ahead (pun intended) of the fashion crowd.