ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fringe Fringe Fringe

The cold winter months have kicked in, and all I want to do is stay cozy and warm. Warm sweaters or accessories with colorful details can add excitement in the dull, gray months of winter.

Fringe is always the way to go when putting together an outfit in the winter. Usually, people associate fringe with the summer, often with the boho-chic look; however, fringe can definitely be worn in the winter months to add details to an otherwise standard cold weather outfit. Chunky sweaters can become boring because everyone wears them during the winter, but with unexpected fringe detail, there is a new element to the otherwise repeated outfit. It’s always good to try different styles despite the urge to snuggle up in bed.

I caught this Fashionista walking to the Downtown Mall, off Grounds. Her take on winter fringe really demonstrated how winter outfits don’t have to be boring and dark. The pattern on her sweater was colorful and added a brightness to the gloomy day. The fringe detail at the ends of her sweater was perfect for the cold day, adding an additional fun factor to her outfit. To top her outfit off, her leather fringe cross-body completed her look. There was a lot of detail in her look with fringe, but this Fashionista made it work! She truly demonstrated how fringe does not only have to be worn in the summer but can be worn in the winter.

How To: Use fringe to turn any typical winter look into something unique! Fringe on a purse can subtly add a cute detail to any outfit.