Everywhere I look and shop, I see fur. Fur has made such a huge switch from being something only wealthy celebrities and grandmothers wear to being in every Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s closet. Faux fur has been made into vests, purses, coats, hats and even shoes. I’ve noticed when people wear a fur piece, they tend to keep the rest of their outfit neutral and monochromatic. The same goes for fringe, which is always in style in my mind. I think a neutral outfit with a fringe or fur coat is a great but why not push the limit? This Fashionista did and rocked it. It’s not an everyday lookm but definitely one for the books.

Balance is so important when making bold clothing choices, which this Fashionista understands completely. Her amazing Free People faux fur coat is the perfect winter piece. It creates a high end feel but the way she styled her look makes it casual yet exciting. This coat is almost a mixture of fringe and fur, with the thick strands of faux shearling. I’m obsessed with large purses, as they’re essential in my everyday life. What is so great about creating a look like this Fashionista’s is that you can take both the fringe bag and fur coat and style them completely different in other looks.

If you finish the look simply, you can pull it off too! Now as I always say, simple does not mean boring, especially when you’re wearing a mix of fur and fringe. This Fashionista slipped on a loose paisley dress, matching cherry red tights and deep green suede heeled booties. There’s no reason to add any statement jewelry to this look, maybe just some diamond studs and a few delicate rings. If you’re looking to really go for a boho look you can definitely tie on a lace headband just like this Fashionista did. Finish off with a fresh face, beach curls and a dazzling smile. If you’re going to go big you have to be confident!

How To: Want to be shabby-chic in fur and fringe? Piece these together to have a look like this Fashionista: a faux fur coat, a large fringe purse and a printed dress. Maybe boho isn’t your style, so try a black and white take on this Fashionista’s look with a sleek fur coat or a fuzzy sweater, a leather fringe skirt and some furry booties.