ALL IN THE DETAILS: Forever Floral

A pattern that I see keep coming back is floral printed garments. It’s as if it is a pattern where time cannot pull it away from the spotlight. It’s something you will see even if the current fad is completely different from floral prints. This Fashionista had the right idea with her mid-thigh dress.

The great thing about floral is that it is a print that always seems happy. Flowers remind you of great things such as vacations, summer and the springtime, as they are always considered bright and beautiful, which is what makes this so timeless. It is a great print for the beach or even for a dinner with the family. It reminds me that there are still beautiful things in this world we should appreciate.

This Fashionista certainly had the right idea with this dress. It’s a simple dress when you really think about it, but with its variety of color, it demands your attention. The red of the dress stands out the most. Then from there, you look further into the dress to see the different blues and the purples. A dress that reminds you of the sunniest of days. This Fashionista paired this floral dress with brown sandals and a teardrop necklace. These finishing touches really threw the ensemble over the edge and made it perfect. They are accessories that do not overshadow the dress but do not make the outfit dull.

How To: To complete this look, all you need is a floral dress that reminds you of the positive things around you. Once that is done, all you need is the right accessories to pull everything together just like this Fashionista did. After you complete your look, everything is smooth sailing from there.