ALL IN THE DETAILS: Food, Glorious Food

Fashion is a great tool. It gives us the ability to express ourselves to the world in ways other than words. The choices we make with our clothing not only reflects who we are in a broad sense, but also makes statements in what we think, how we feel and what we do. People can sport their passion for fashion, accessorize with coffee mugs as they wile away their days at the campus cafe or even visually interpret a self-proclaimed title of a “foodie.”

The key to this Fashionista’s style is her attention to detail and her fearless creativity. She wears edgy pieces that come together with a personal twist and rocks everyday brands like J.Crew, Gap and even sports a jacket from the local Salvation Army. Paired with opaque tights, she’s ready to take on the Syracuse winter.

Something I really loved about this Fashionista’s outfit was how unconventional it was. Although she put together everyday pieces such as a simple gray skirt and a patterned sweater, her attention to her accessories and color scheme gave her a strong look to turn heads amidst blistering Syracuse weather. It goes without saying that her polka-dot peacoat along with a coordinating scarf proves that sub-zero temperatures don’t have to be all parkas and fleece leggings.

What’s most important about this Fashionista’s style is her subtle yet absolute incorporation of her favorite thing to her outfit: food. As a Journalism major with a concentration in food writing, this Fashionista includes elements of her preferred subject matter into how the rest of the world sees her. She rocks unique necklaces from the iconic Brooklyn Charm boutique in NYC and is ready for class with a seafood-spotted knapsack.

It’s important to love what you wear, both figuratively and literally. The best way to let people know who you are and what you love is by showing it off. This Fashionista isn’t afraid to be bold and take risks, which is why her ensemble was so appealing to me.

How to: Think about what you love. Are you enthusiastic about music? Wish you were French? Listen to these or keep your ears warm with this. Even just one cool accessory can amp up an old sweater and booties.