Florals are a must-have for summertime. They add a fun element, giving off a classic yet carefree vibe. What I love most about florals is that they are so versatile no matter the season. They can be understated with monochromic colors or bright and vibrant. You can also transform them into statement pieces, which is what makes them so creative and fun to play around with!

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. They are a pretty and delicate flower. This Fashionista rocks this statement dress. The black background provides a less feminine element and the contrast truly makes the flowers emerge as the statement of this outfit. The key to pulling off this dress is to make sure that you do not overdo it with too many accessories. She kept it simple with a small silver crystal ball necklace and black flip flops with cute bows on the top, which added a small touch to complete the feminine look. To top it all off, she paired her favorite round-shaped sunglasses that added a retro feel. Although some may find this dress a bit bold, the key to making it work is all in how you accessorize, and that is the best part! I find that the best way to own a look is to just have fun, feel the pattern and play around with accessories!

How To: Have a statement piece that you want to play around with? The best way to do this is to match alike colors and make sure that you do not go overboard with the accessories! I find that the best looks with a detailed piece are achieved by throwing on a simple necklace or a neutral-colored handbag.