ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flower and Power Rhyme for a Reason

So I must confess something to all of you. I have never been a very big flower crown fan. I had thought they were to only be worn by fairies and music festival goers, never in the “real world.” However, I am happy to say that my heart has softened toward this whimsical accessory.

This Fashionista happens to be wearing a baby’s breath flower crown of her own creation, a detail that makes all the difference in this outfit. If you were to spot this Fashionista on the street—sans flower crown—you would probably assume she was just another well-dressed college student. But, add a ring of flowers on her head and we have a mystery girl on our hands. Who is this girl? Where is she going? Did she weave that crown or did a group of elves do it? Is she a mythological fairy princess? Okay, you probably aren’t asking ALL of those questions, but it is intriguing to see someone out and about with a bouquet around their head.

The statement piece of this outfit is obviously the flower crown and it gives her outfit an unpredictable element, but her other choices should not go unnoticed. Save for her crown of flowers and flowy mini skirt, I would say this Fashionista has a very urban vibe in her style. That might be the nose ring talking, or maybe it’s the Vans.

Her effortless, urban style is softened by the feminine of her patterned skirt that offers more than a fashionable alternative to shorts. This skirt has pockets! Who doesn’t love a functional, as well as stylish, article of clothing?

How To: If you’re feeling a bit risky and want to baffle all that pass you by, then go for an accessory that is “off the beaten path.” Take that path and pick some flowers along the way, craft yourself a flower crown and voila—you have yourself one surprising accessory to complete your look.