ALL IN THE DETAILS: Florals Galore

Summer has officially graced us with its presence! It’s that time of the year when painting your toenails becomes a necessity, along with achieving a “sun-kissed” tint. The only thing that changes more drastically than the weather as seasons change is style. This Fashionista embraces summer in the most natural yet bold way. With flowers in bloom and the sun turned up to the highest degree, what better way to celebrate than by wearing an intricate floral print?

This Fashionista’s floral skirt is just the piece needed to complete this look. Her outfit, besides her floral piece, is composed of mainly neutral colors. While black and cream paired together create a safe and 100 percent acceptable look, the skirt provides a color pop that is not too much yet enough to keep the look from being dull. In my opinion, her accessories serve as simple additions that balance out the look. For starters, the skinny black belt around her waist does a fantastic job meshing her solid-colored top with her printed skirt in the subtlest way, yet not having its presence would alter the entire look. Matching her belt are black wedges needed to finish off the sweet and “summery” look that this Fashionista was going for. Black-infused floral print can seem out of season if not worn in the correct way, however, the wedges worn by this Fashionista hit the look out of the park and have us wishing that summer had come sooner! Finally, as a way to accent her rolled sleeves, she is wearing one simple yet elegant bracelet. A little sparkle never hurt anyone.

Are the choices this Fashionista made necessary? I think so. It really is “all in the details” with this look, folks.

How To: Unsure as to how to go about wearing floral patterns? Try easing into wearing them with a smaller, less dramatic piece such as a fun and flirty scarf! Embrace the print by owning it and not thinking twice before wearing it out. No matter what the occasion, when trying out a new piece that you may be unsure about, remember that nothing brings a look together better than confidence in your appearance. Trust me on this.