ALL IN THE DETAILS: Floral Fixation

No matter the season, florals are always a relevant pattern. They are viable for any occasion and can easily be dressed up or down, leaving you with a hint of plant-based chic in whatever outfit you choose to create. Although versatile, it can be complicated to create a fresh take on a print that’s been done so many times or tough to make florals appropriate for your situation. But as showcased by this Fashionista, there is always a time and a place. Her bold-colored, statement floral dress serves as a perfect transition from summer to fall by incorporating darker hues with the bright ones commonly seen in the warmer months.

A floral dress is a closet staple that serves as a weapon against those days where you feel like you have nothing to wear. Dresses are simple to throw on yet help you maintain a classy look. A dress in a pattern like the one she’s wearing, works for several seasons and can be worn to anything from an internship to a summer BBQ to a sweet date night. Normally seen as a feminine and girly piece, it’s easy to give it an edgier vibe with a leather jacket or make things cozy with a slouchy, knit sweater.

This Fashionista’s addition of a jean jacket keeps the outfit from looking too overdone and gives it a playful charm. A jean jacket is perfect for a casual work setting and provides a timeless piece to a fresh, modern outfit. Rather than a pair of knee-high boots or heels, commonly worn with floral dresses, she combined a sweet set of ashy colored, high-heeled booties, giving a more polished and professional feel. Her statement watch completed the look, and offered an eye-catching piece to further personalize her ensemble. Florals may be a recurring trend every year, but this Fashionista showed that a little modification goes a long way and makes florals look like an effortless, refreshing pattern.

How To: Find a floral print that matches your lifestyle and events that you usually attend, whether it is work, school, relationship or family related. There are many modern takes on the floral print that are fun and original to keep from looking too young or the outfit from looking overdone. Once you’ve acquired a piece that you love, be sure to find accessories that show off your own style to keep the common design from looking stale.