ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fleeting To Flats

March 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

When dressing up for a special occasion, most Fashionistas flee to their high heels all to be painfully stylish. I agree that in many ways, to be frequently fashionable one must sacrifice. However, one mustn’t frequently sacrifice to be fashionable. In that case, I say rid the heels when you know that it’ll be a long day on your feet. What sense does it make for your toes to endure so much pressure for the sake of a shoe?

Now, I’m not saying throw out your heels. They are definitely needed for a time and place, but often times, flats will do just fine. As I promote love for flats, many of you are probably envisioning your grandmother’s shoes that she wears on a night out to bingo, but those aren’t it. There are many different styles and colors for flats that are both stylish and youthful that will go perfectly with just about anything in your closet.

This Fashionista sported a simple yet chic business casual ensemble with her cream blouse, black slacks, blush pink trench coat and black flats with a gold embellishment. Her flats were worn perfectly to complete the overall look. Her shoes complemented her clean and classy style with their neutral color and leather material. Her flats don’t necessarily act as a stand out piece, but more so as the perfect addition to a solid ensemble.

How To: Not too confident with fleeing to flats? Try going about adopting this exact look by sporting black slacks and a cream blouse. Pick up a pair of fabulous flats from your favorite retailers and add them to your ensemble. It may take some getting used to, so try it more than once. You’re bound to fall in love with being both comfortable and classy, in no time.