ALL IN THE DETAILS: Firenze Pelle Moda

In Florence, there are no dress down days. Everyone is dressed to the nines. It’s not even an option in this city to wear sweatpants. I admire the effort that people put into their outfits every day. It encourages me to dress my best and learn some tricks! Every day is a new opportunity to witness Italian style in action. But to understand how to build a wardrobe like a Florentine, you have to understand the most important trend: leather. This Fashionista rocks a leather jacket to fit in with the leather on the streets that Florence is known for.

During winter, when all of the fashion shows are going on in town, the atmosphere in the city changes and everyone wears their trendiest clothing. There are some key trends that have particularly stood out to me on the streets of Florence during the fashion weeks. I take mental pictures of my favorite outfits and hope to blend them into my personal style! The trend that strikes me the most is leather, or “pelle” in Italian.

Not only do Florentines wear leather, but leather markets are found on every corner throughout the city. Anywhere you turn you can buy a black, camel or brown colored bag or jacket. Options are limitless with how to style your favorite piece of leather. Women, Men and children of all ages are wearing leather jackets. Even though it is a lot warmer in the winter here than it is at my school at home, I make sure to throw on a leather jacket to complete my look! This Fashionista made sure she incorporated the leather trend into her outfit by wearing a black fringe bag.

How To: Add a little extra warmth to your leather jacket by focusing on some simple touches such as a beanie. Hats are the finishing piece to outfits here, especially in the winter. This Fashionista paired her leather with a beanie, neutral colors and ripped boyfriend jeans.