ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feminine Denim

February 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

I always vowed to never wear a jean skirt. I thought that denim skirts were a fashion trend that belonged in the past–definitely not in my closet. Tiny jean mini skirts should stay in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Long denim skirts belong in Amish country and nowhere else. However, the recent trend of A-line and pencil denim skirts had me rethinking my earlier resolution. This new classification of denim skirt is simple, yet bold. It’s feminine, without being boring. It’s a fashion trend that I’m now on the hunt for.

The buttons down the front of the skirt may not seem like much, but they add just enough detailing to make this outfit exciting. Even though this look displays many different colors, they’re all neutral and dark, to match the temperature. The main components that pop are the blue of the skirt and the wine-colored sweater. While skirts are often associated with summer, this Fashionista is prepared for winter weather thanks to a leather jacket and tights. When you’re surrounded by boring jeans and sweaters, a unique jacket and tights can turn a summer dress or skirt into the perfect cold weather outfit.

The best thing about a fitted denim skirt is how versatile it is. Paired with a graphic T-shirt and Converse, it’s casual and summery. Putting it on with a blazer and pumps gives professional clothing a fun twist.

How To: To recreate this look start with any A-line or pencil jean skirt with simple detailing. Then add colorful tights and fun winter shoes. Finish off the outfit with a jacket or sweater to keep out the cold.