ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feelin' Myself

There’s nothing I love more than adding lots of texture to my outfits. From fluffy fur to fierce leather, the combination of two extreme fabrics give an ensemble edge in an effortless way. In the last few years we’ve seen mixed patterns all over the runway, but lately all of the garb featured lots of textures that left audiences in awe. Although an outfit can look fantastic from a distance, textured details make a look so much more rad!

Speaking of rad, this Fashionista knows how to rock mixed textures up close and personal. She combined leather and suede in a fabulous everyday look. From far away, her jacket is chic and sleek but up close it features panels that are rough under your fingertips. To correspond with the jacket, this Fashionista added a mini backpack that is also leather but textured differently. Her boots are half leather and half black suede; this detail gives so much more dimension to her outfit! She paired these detailed pieces with wardrobe essentials as her soft, taupe top is perfect for chilly afternoons and her trendy denim can easy be thrown on with any mix of textures! All together, this Fashionista’s outfit is genius but looks so effortless.

How To: There are two things needed to make this trend work. One thing (or should I say two) is to pick out two contrasting textured pieces in your wardrobe and pair them with basics. The second thing is confidence! Far too many times, girls have looked at my outfit and commented that they wish they could pull it off. The truth is that they can, but they just have to believe they can!