If you are anything like me, you stare into your closet sometimes when you are getting dressed for the day and think “Do I wear gray, black or white today?” As a sea of neutral-colored pieces stare back at me, I wonder sometimes if I should throw in a pop of color or pattern here and there. This spring, that has become my mission. If your signature style is made up of a black and gray palette just like mine, that is perfectly fine. However, springtime is the perfect time to branch out from the safety net of neutrals and try on some different and unique accessories.

This week’s Fashionista took my mission into full force this week. The basis of her outfit is full of neutrals and basic pieces, including a white shirt, gray cardigan and blue jeans. While she told me that her typical style is just that, full of neutral pieces mixed and matched together, she has been wanting to add a pop of color into her style. To do that, she added on some bright and stylish accessories.

As this Fashionista’s favorite color is blue, she decided to add multiple blue pieces into her ensemble, all of different shades. A popular trend in accessories right now are oversized hats. This Fashionista took advantage of this massive trend and went for an unconventional color for the hat that is typically worn in black or brown: navy blue. Keeping with the blue trend, this Fashionista chose to wear a quintessential staple piece: a structured handbag. This handbag’s bright blue color not only makes it the centerpiece of her ensemble, but it works with the blue in the hat and really ties her outfit together.

To get ready for the transition from winter to spring style, try wearing colors that are unconventional to your personal style. If you typically shy away from bright colors and stick with neutral pieces, it is time to branch out and try something new!

How To: Trying to figure out how to transition your typically black and gray wardrobe into spring style where an emphasis is placed on colors and patterns? Without having to go overboard shopping for more clothes to add to your collection, pick out two eccentric accessories to wear with your neutral outfit, like a colorful hat and bright shoes.