There’s something bold about wearing a monochromatic look, especially when your chosen color is black. This look can easily become plain and boring. To avoid this, it’s important to focus on the small details. When wearing an all-black outfit, small details and accessories add flavor and personality. They also allow your look to really pop.

This Fashionista did exactly that when she decided to pair her all-black look with an assortment of eye-catching accessories. Before she even added accessories, this Fashionista set the stage for a great outfit with her monochromatic look. Although she’s covered in black from head to toe, she mixed different textures and styles to give her outfit a bit more character. She topped off the outfit with a lace crop top, which was followed by her midi skirt and her slip-on sneakers. She goes from being edgy to preppy to sporty, all in one look!

Although her all-black outfit has a lot of character on its own, it’s the accessories that really make this look pop. The central piece of this outfit is her brown fringe bag. This bag does a great job of bringing ’70s vibes to this look. It also offsets the black and gives her outfit more dimension. In addition to her bag, this look is complemented by a medley of chunky, unique bracelets and a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses.

How To: Replicating this look is easy. All you have to do is pair your favorite fringe bag of any size, shape or color with a simple look. The outfit doesn’t need to be monochromatic, but if you want to replicate this look, it does need to be subdued enough to make the bag the central piece.