Hats are an awfully underrated accessory. These bad boys can make a bad hair day a good hair day, a sunny day a shady day, and a good outfit a great outfit. When your wardrobe is feeling bland and cash is low, a hat is a cheap and chic way to amp up any outfit. The hat of the season is the fedora because it’s just the right size. The brim isn’t too wide but it provides the proper amount of shade for your eyes. In all their various colors, patterns and textures, you’re sure to find one that will look “fedorable” on you!

I love to see this look dressed up with a feminine fit-n-flare dress. Fedoras add an attitude of mystery to any dressed up ensemble. Because they were popularized on the heads of famous men like Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant, fedoras pair well with other menswear pieces like large watches. Also adding more masculine vibes to the look, are chic gladiator sandals. I prefer sandals with a heel or wedge to make the look dressy. But trendy stackable bracelets also bring charm (wink, wink) to help keep the outfit feminine.

How To: If you want to get this Fashionista’s look, I bet you’ve already got the makings hanging in your closet. Just grab your most flirty dress and a pair of your favorite sandals or wedges. Find your favorite stackable accessories: rings, bracelets, statement necklaces. Go out and get a fedora in your favorite color, throw it on and have fun!