January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Wintertime is all about staying warm and cozy; What better way to do that than by wearing (a man-made and synthetic version of) the material that keeps animals warm and cozy all winter long? I’m talking about the material that has come to exude luxury, wealth, and a vintage elegance: fur.

In almost every trendy clothing store, fuzzy and furry clothes are in abundance. Celebrities like the Kardashians have been spotted wearing glamorous fur pieces, and the trend has flooded the runways. Most noticeably, fur vests, stoles and large oversized coats are what’s hot right now.

This Fashionista dons the fur detail in a much more wearable fashion. While fur on celebrities and the runways may look luxurious and glamorous, a normal person going about their everyday activities typically wouldn’t be able to pull off the look in the same way. A faux fur-trimmed cardigan is the perfect way to incorporate fur into an outfit without it looking too overwhelming or heavy.

This Fashionista’s look exudes casual, contemporary style mixed with a little vintage glamour. While fur is always appropriate for nights out, this Fashionista tames the trend by balancing out the impact of the trim with a bold red lip and some synthetic leather knee-high boots that match the color of the cardigan.

How To: Fur may be intimidating, but start out with just a little bit! Keep the fur in the details and complete the look with a red lip, riding boots and some soft, brushed out curls.