Walking the crowded streets of SoHo, New York these unique pants certainly stood out to me in a good way. This outfit screams bold, bohemian beauty and the palazzo pants definitely act as the feature focus of the look. Palazzo pants are becoming quite a trend among college aged students because of their comfort ability and uniqueness. Patterned or bright colored, “fancy pants” will undoubtedly be the star of any look this summer.

The key to the success of this look is making the pants shine. The other pieces in the ensemble just stand to accentuate the salmon splatter painted pants. The neutral black, off-the-shoulder long sleeve cotton shirt is simple enough to enhance the pants, but could also stand well on its own in another look. Furthermore, the statement necklace adds flare to the simple shirt without taking away the enchantment of the pants. The black sunglasses and leather bag complete the look making it boho chic, an adventurous ensemble worthy of attention.

Patterned palazzo pants are perfect for a summer music festival, a walk along the High Line, or a night out. Wear them with confidence, for you are sure to be noticed in these dazzling pants! To add to the bohemian vibe, pair the pants with a floral headband and metallic arm cuff.  Accessorize with a suede fringe bag and some funky John Lennon style sunglasses.

How To: Pick one piece in your look to accentuate, whether it be “fancy pants”, a unique top or patterned shorts, make your piece shine! Highlight your chosen piece as the focal point by pairing it with other more basic clothing items.