Time to bring out the fun pants on a cool summer night. Wearing the same pair of jean shorts every weekend can get very old. It is time to spice things up with a funky pair of pants. Patterned pants having been a huge hit since the winter season and they are extremely comfortable and easy to wear on any occasion. I can wear my pants to class one day or out on a nice dinner with my family and they are worth every penny. I am one to always want to look presentable wherever I go and these pants are easy to throw on with any solid-colored shirt. I find it important to look presentable and dress with effort because when you dress good, you feel good.

This Fashionista wore black and white patterned pants. These specific pants are funky, but also are on the calmer side due to the colors. These pants can come in all kinds of patterns and colors to fit anyone’s style. She wore a flowy black tank top to accentuate the outfit and to add some pop to this outfit, she wore a layered necklace with turquoise stones. To finish this outfit off she rocked a pair of leather sandals from Lucky Brand. Her look is very simple yet chic and she looks well put together for her day! Remember: dress good, feel good.

These pants are a must-have in any Fashionista’s closet as they can be worn at so many different occasions. So spice them up with jewelry, heels and have fun with your style.

How To: Getting bored of the same pair of jeans? Go out and buy a pair of funky pants to wear your next time out, then match it with a solid-colored shirt and add the accessories. This look is easy to get and affordable!