March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Often, when we accessorize, we just hit the usual spots: a necklace here, a bracelet there. These accessories can be cute and tie an outfit together, but they are also very predictable. The latest way to make an outfit fashion-forward and cool is to focus on an area we often forget: the face itself beyond a pair of glasses, as this Fashionista does with her bold accessory choices.

This Fashionista draws us in first with her clip-in septum ring, a trend popularized by FKA Twigs and now seen on cool girls everywhere who want to make a statement. But this Fashionista takes it even further by draping a chain across her head. It’s in the same metal, so the look is cohesive. It also adds an extra dimension to this Fashionista’s look that makes it stand out in a sea of similarly-accessorized girls. Finally, this Fashionista completes her look with a beautiful, brightly colored scarf wrapped around her head, keeping her hair out of her eyes and fully ties her look together.

This Fashionista is able to pull off such bold accessory choices by keeping the rest of her outfit simple, and letting her face be the focal point of her look. Her sweater and pants are monochromatic and in a darker, muted shade. The only accessory not on her head is a simple gold bangle, and her shiny black boots are sleek and classic. Keeping the focus on her face allows her bold accessories to shine and become the focus of, not overpower, her look.

How To: Don’t be afraid to go a little bit out there with your accessory choices. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple lets you be free to experiment with some quirky accessories like septum rings, nose chains and stick-on face jewels.