ALL IN THE DETAILS: Extra Terrestrial

Winter sucks. There’s really no other way to slice it. You crave the winter cold when sweat is beading down your head and the only nail polish color you have used recently is Bikini So Tinny by essie. Warm winter sweater and killer boots seem like a fond distant memory. Time to wake up from fantasy land ladies and gents!

In order to make the best out of this terrible reality we all must face (unless you go to school in the South), there is only one way to turn this negative into a positive: purchase Moon Boots. ’80s workout girl meets high fashion meets killer comfort.

I spotted this Fashionista hiking up the treacherous icy steps of Syracuse’s campus looking like she didn’t have a care in the world. Others around her were grabbing the banister for dear life. Not only did she look tres chic rocking her Illesteva reflector sunglasses when there was virtually no sun in the sky, but also she gracefully nodded to all her admirers.

Now let’s really talk about the goods, Moon Boot madness. Some of you may remember this popular style from a few years back when big boots were all the rage. Well as you may have guessed, it’s all coming back! Similar brands like Tecnica and Hunter are experimenting with their waterproof selection by tricking out their boots with new bells and whistles. In this case, Moon Boots are designed with an aerated thick foam platform providing height to enhancing your walking experience. Though these boots do not simulate walking on the moon, the puffy insulated interior keep your toes warm and your heals happy.

This look couldn’t be completed without the pop of color and edgy furs. The hot pink stripe in her sweater is sweetly complemented by the pink tones in her sunglasses. The fur trims in the RUDSAK jacket and scarf not only block the frigid winds, but also elevate the look and make it more high fashion.

How To: Pack up the leather booties ladies, ship back your trendy sneakers and make room for your puffer snow boots. Start with a basic layer and keep your boots and jacket as the accent.