No longer strictly reserved for on-site construction workers or your hidden raver alter ego, all things neon are trending big time this year. Thanks to designers like Oscar de la Renta and Christopher Kane, neon hues are officially haute stuff. If you’re trying to kick your outfit game up a notch, don’t hesitate to incorporate eye-popping hues into your everyday ensemble this season.

It’s often said that fashion has its cycle of revival every 20 years. This year, its pretty evident that ’90s fashions are making a comeback. Neon shades are now available for everyone regardless of gender, age, physique or the size of their purse. Whether neon is one of your favorite colors or you’re just testing out the trend, it’s undoubtedly a great way to enhance your summer styling with a bit of cheerfulness.

Chic and energetic, new-wave neon, whether it be shoes, accessories or nails, instantly injects a cool vibe to any wardrobe. This Fashionista illustrates this notion by incorporating a pair of neon jellies into her casual wardrobe. The fluorescent jellies not only stand out in the crowd, but highlights this Fashionista’s flamboyant personality as well. Cut-off acid-wash denim shorts and a white V-neck work well in toning down the eye-catching color while a flannel spices up the ensemble, simultaneously adding a urban feel to the look.

How To: If you’re thinking neon may be a little too bright for you, try start out small with neon accessories, such as a neon clutch or even nail polish. Be sure to balance out the bold colors by contrasting with classical hues, such as black or white. Mixing neutral hues along with neon colors are an ideal way to achieve a look that is modern and refreshing.