ALL IN THE DETAILS: Earthy Neutrals

Upon walking across the Illinois State University quad during lunchtime to take some photographs of the pretty campus, I spotted a Fashionista power walking down one of the sidewalks. She was wearing bold, dark green jeans and an adorable lace tank top, and I just knew that I had to stop her. She was heading off to lunch with some friends, but graciously gave me the opportunity to snap a few photos while discussing her outfit.

This Fashionista told me that her beautifully patterned lace top was just a layering piece and that it would be completely see through if she hadn’t worn a white tank top underneath. This Fashionista loves layering and how it can be comfortable, yet fashionable. I love the cute pattern of the tank top and how the color is creamier, which makes the pattern known and visible from far away.

I like how versatile the patterned top is and how you can use it with almost any other solid colored tank top for layering. The bold colored jeans helped the pattern of the top pop out more and both pieces complemented each other nicely. I also like how this Fashionista rolled the bottoms of her jeans up just a little bit to draw attention to her eye-catching, brown gladiator sandals. Each element in this outfit had colors that went along with each other and it was very easy on the eye! Last, but not least, this Fashionista’s bracelets and rings gave off a nice, personal touch and helped the outfit stand out even more from the crowd. This is a perfect, dressy summer outfit and earns an A-plus in my book!

How To: If you have a basic, solid colored tank top that you want to dress up just a little bit more, layer it with a sheer tank top or a see through tank top with an eye-catching pattern. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the color of your jeans as long is they go along well with the outfit. Just add your favorite pair of sandals, and your favorite bracelets and jewelry to add your own personal touch. Then, you are good to go!