As summer continues to flourish and spread joy to the world, Fashionistas everywhere are ready to sport all the gear they couldn’t sport during the winter and explore the various cities they live in or intend to visit. Because Chicago weather is crazy, walking around campus you tend to see all kinds of outfits—some that say “I’m ready for summer but this wind is tripping” and some that say “I just want to be warm.”

When I saw this Fashionista I immediately fell in love with everything on her, but most especially her duster coat. I don’t see duster coats often and when I do they are never worn casually. But this Fashionista, along with all her accessories, rocked the duster coat trend and made it look effortless. Underneath her duster coat was a simple button-up black tank top with washed black jeans which were folded to the nines. On her feet were a pair of black huarache flats, which I personally just started to like because of their versatility—it can be worn with anything. Her accessories were clean and simple, which included rings and a classic dial strap watch. Her Ray-Ban sunglasses rested on her face with grace, and she sported a Fjall Raven Kanken backpack, which I’m adding to my back to school list this fall.

Duster coats are currently my favorite new trend because they can either be light or heavy, which makes it suitable for any weather. It also adds an air of sophistication to an outfit without one having to try too much. Funny enough, I was not fond of duster coats as a child, due to the fact I saw them being worn in a lot of western movies that my dad so loved to watch. But then again I was just a kid, what did I know? Duster coats are awesome!

This duster coat just screams class, and class is what this Fashionista achieved with this look.

How To: Want to look classy without trying too hard? Easy! Wear a nice pair of distressed jeans, a clean pair of sneakers, a cute pair of sunglasses and don’t forget the main attraction—a neutral colored duster coat. Then, my fellow Fashionistas, you are good to go!