ALL IN THE DETAILS: Double Trouble

Winter in the South is just like any other state: snowy, cold and windy. Except for every now and then, a random burst of warm air blows through and taunts us with spring weather. The only downside is the fact that all of our warm clothes are packed away until March, so most of us are stuck with clothing that’s a little more padded than necessary. Today’s Fashionista shows you how you can dress for spring in January!

This Fashionista kept her outfit simple and light with a loose cotton shirt tucked into a pair of über chic joggers to give off a laid-back vibe, while looking totally stylish. While it may be warm outside, that doesn’t mean it’s not still January, a cool breeze could come through at any minute. Our Fashionista is prepared with a bright red chunky knit scarf. Adding a scarf not only keeps you warm, but also can easily spice up any outfit, especially a brightly colored textured scarf. If it’s not quite cold enough to wear a scarf that bulky, try a scarf made of cotton or chiffon to lighten the load. With such a wide variety of prints, patterns, sizes, and fabrics, scarves add character to virtually any outfit you put together! Scarves can even be wrapped several ways if you want to change up the same outfit and wear it again.

How To: Too cold to wear a blouse by itself? Don’t fret. Scarves are the answer to all of your problems! Wrap a patterned scarf around a solid colored shirt, or a solid scarf around a printed top to add personality and a bit of warmth!