If you’ve ever been to Georgia, you know that the weather is incredibly bipolar. If not, just know that sometimes it can be freezing, hot, raining, snowing and sunny all in a matter of 24 hours. Although we haven’t gotten over the sweater weather in the morning, some afternoons still aren’t cold enough to be too bundled up. This Fashionista keeps a well-balanced outfit that is perfect for our GA weather. What makes her stand out is that she is all about the little things. Here are some crucial details from this outfit that I think should be noted:

I love me some neutrals! They are so versatile. They don’t go out of style. They are elegant and also look good on everyone. I think that neutrals should build the basis of any woman’s wardrobe. In this case, the Fashionista perfected her neutrals game. She chose to stick with beige and browns, which allowed her to add a lot of other details to her outfit without looking tasteless.

Fall and winter are the seasons for layering. If there’s one thing I know about fashion it’s that layers will almost always make an outfit more interesting. In her outfit, this Fashionista took a different spin on her layers by doing it at the top and bottom of her outfit. What’s important to note is that she mixed up the textures of her layers. You don’t want to wear the same textures on top of each other as they may just end up looking heavy.

Although the double denim trend has gained popularity in the past year, it can be tricky to pull off. Let’s take note of Britney and Justin’s matching denim outfits circa 2001. The key to this look is selecting denim that flatters your body shape, especially when choosing jeans. If it doesn’t fit properly, the denim might end up weighing you down. Mixing shades of denim is usually a good thing when it comes to this trend. In this case, since there were other details to her outfit, the denims were kept fairly similar. The denim is in harmony with the outfit and it’s subtle, which makes her look trendy as opposed to tacky.

How To: To get this look, or a variation of it, you will first and most importantly need a good pair of distressed jeans and a white or beige knit sweater as a base. From there you can start building the outfit to your liking. A statement scarf will add dimension to the look, but just remember to keep it neutral if you’re going for the double denim. If you’re not quite ready to jump into the double denim trend, you can replace the denim shirt with a brown belt.