ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don’t Fail by Bailing on the Nail (Polish)

Now that summer is here, I find it quite hard to really piece my outfits together. Why? Well, I can no longer just throw on a cute chunky sweater or a big scarf to bring my outfit together. But I must push myself because whether it be some cool sunglasses or some RAD bracelets, summer is definitely the time to accessorize! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to accessories. I sometimes find it hard to put so many accessories together simply because I fear being over accessorized. But today’s Fashionista has taught me that although earrings, necklaces and watches embellish an outfit, the best accessory we can have is as simple as our nail polish!

This Fashionista, as we can see, is an accessory major. But the true highlight of her outfit is her bright orange nail polish; it stands out among the rest. Although orange may not be everyone’s cup of tea, any bright color will do. She understands that since her nail polish is the main color of the outfit, she neutralizes everything else from her dress to her necklace. Yes, it can be hard to piece an outfit with colors with such a bright color but this Fashionista knows how to work around it.

In this outfit, she uses her dress as a blank canvas. The beautiful white dress is great to throw on for a summer day. The neutral statement necklace, olive necklace and dazzled bracelet all give the outfit a little “oomph.” But her sandals, oversized ring and bamboo watch strap contribute to the orange-y color scheme her beautiful nail polish brings. The bag is the perfect addition because it brings some pattern and spice to this getup.

How To: Worried about over accessorizing like I am? Try to have a color scheme! Like this Fashionista’s orange-y pieces, they all connect and make the outfit come together.