The choker necklace, originally reaching its popularity peak in the ’90s, has returned to the fashion scene only a few decades later. However, don’t be so quick to already dismiss it––you’ll be relieved to hear that this time around it is better than ever, due to the variety of styles, textures and colors on the market. The choker has grown in popularity, spanning the red carpet to the streets, either seen on your favorite celeb or while scrolling through your Instagram feed. Numerous celebrities and models are incorporating this edgy trend into their ensembles and wearing it in a new and revamped way. A great aspect of the choker is that anybody can wear it; it can be either a simple addition to a look or a statement in itself.

This Fashionista opted to rock the choker as a statement piece: she wore a layered suede wrap choker with charm detailing on the ends, keeping the the rest of her ensemble simple. She put focus on the choker with the choice of a complimentary, neutral outfit: a beige crop top and a pair of black high-waisted shorts. Her choker is what took her look from basic to stylish, just with that simple but strong addition.

Since it is “all in the details,” this Fashionista chose to add a varied selection of charm-style bracelets to her look, as well as a navy cross-body bag, finishing off her on-trend ensemble with a pair of rose gold sandals––the perfect touch to go along with the neutral color palette.

No matter how you choose to rock this choker trend, make sure to get a “neck up” and get yourself one of these staple necklaces––I have a feeling they will come and go throughout the future decades!

How To: Not so sure yet about wearing this reoccurring-‘90s trend? Before full-on commitment, test the look out by playing around with the necklace band width. For a subtle addition to your look, Try a thin chain; If you are a true ‘90s girl, and totally on board with the choker’s return, then opt for a thick statement piece; For those wanting to bring out their creative side, make a DIY choker by wrapping a piece of suede, velvet or ribbon around your neck, tying it off with securing with a knot, along with your look.