ALL IN THE DETAILS: Donning Delicates

As a woman there are many things one has to consider when getting dressed in the mornings. Not only are we faced with the many rules of fashion that dictate what we can and can’t wear, but we are also faced with the rules society has placed on the way we dress ourselves. Society has countless rules for women’s fashion, and many of them circle around the bra. From a young age, girls are taught that a bra is never to be seen; not the fun colors or even the bra strap can see the light of day. That being said, sheer shirts become impossible to wear and strapless bras become an essential.

Now, after years of being trapped in the dark, women everywhere are discovering that aside from the practical uses, the bra can be an amazing accessory. Bras have always come in countless shapes, colors and sizes that can be picked out to express the wearer’s personal style, but they have never been able to be seen. Now, during the summer months filled with crop tops, backless tops and sheer clothing, it is inevitable to have the elusive bra be seen, so why not make them cute?

From the My Calvin phenomenon to the delicate lace bralettes that can be found all over Urban Outfitters, people all over the place have embraced and are even wearing things that show off their well-designed delicates. This Fashionista has embraced her dainty bralette by showing it off alongside her cute halter-top crop top. The lace trim of her bra peeks out from the edges of her halter, giving the look a feminine yet also somehow edgy vibe. The touch of lace ties in well with the rest of this Fashionista’s look as well, complimenting her flowy olive green shorts.

How To: Don’t be afraid to rock a bit of exposed bra sometime; just pick out something that makes you feel confident and beautiful and rock it with your next backless dress the next time you go out! It will add a level of subtle sexiness that will elevate your overall look.