Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean everyday obligations cease to exist!

In other words, the dog still needs walking. But, routine doesn’t need to be boring or miserable when you’ve got the right winter getup. There’s also no need for you to leave the house looking like Randy from A Christmas Story just because it’s cold enough to snow outside. Walkable shoes, cute layers and low maintenance accessories are a great combination for a stroll around town with your pooch. Of course, we love to dress up our dogs for winter, but some breeds have coats that keep them plenty warm in the winter months.

Meet this week’s Fashionista, Carly, and her dog, Bailey! Bailey is a Bernese Mountain Dog, a breed that originates from the snow-covered Swiss Alps. As you can see, her thick, calico coat serves as sufficient covering for even the most frigid climates. Carly, on the other hand, needs to bundle up to stay as warm as Bailey.

Let’s start from the top. Layering winter pieces doesn’t need to look busy or overdone. We cozy girls adore our flannels (hello, American Eagle); dress up this more masculine piece with a feminine one: a cashmere sweater. Here’s one that this Fashionista found at Goodwill! What a steal! But J.Crew is a great source with a wide selection of colors. And look how beautifully simple this necklace is, the bits of black contrasting gently against the camel cashmere. Quieter jewelry works well against already contrasting layered pieces, and smaller bracelets tuck away easily beneath sleeves to make room for gloves. Skinny jeans (when they don’t look painted on!) work well for most body types in two ways: they hug your calves, showing off legs in a tasteful way; and they tuck neatly under winter boots.

Speaking of boots, a returning trend this season is the combat boot, a practical, walkable choice with just the right punch of attitude. A chestnut-colored pair like these go with any casual outfit, or can easily balance out a more feminine dress.

Lastly, a clutch with a shoulder strap this size is perfect for holding the bare minimum essentials. Who needs to take their whole life with them when they’re just out for an afternoon outing with their four-legged friend?

And of course, our dogs deserve a little dressing up, too. Bailey actually has a scarf on of her own (you can just see one of its little red and white pom-poms!) Your dog will look as chic as you are in a cute scarf of his or her own.

How To: To make cute, compatible layers for an everyday winter outfit, combine a solid with a pattern for an easy pairing. Be sure that the pattern is winter appropriate; stick with prints like flannel, Nordic or houndstooth.