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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Details for Decades

July 27th, 2015 at 2:05am

As humans we tend to always want the newest thing. We will spend however many hours it takes to stand in a line that lasts for miles just to have the latest iPhone, video game or designer bag. Why do we do this? We spend all this time and effort to spend a lot of money on a product that we don’t even know much about. We do it for the excitement. It’s exciting to hold a new mysterious product in your hands because you want to learn from it. To learn what it can do, its strengths, its weaknesses, what it’s made of and how we can rub our newfound knowledge of this product in our friends’ faces.

What if you could get the same feeling, but without the long lines and expensive prices? Sometimes old is just as good as new. If you try looking in your family’s attic or a thrift store you can find some pretty interesting things from past decades. These vintage products might even be better than fresh off the block products because you still get the excitement of a new product since it’s new to you. However, since it is not actually new, it has a whole bunch of unique stories that come along with it. Sometimes the stories that come from the product can be more valuable than the product itself. So instead of rubbing a new product in their face, you can share a story with them that might stick with them for a lifetime.

This Fashionista is ready to share a few unique stories with her numerous accessories. Each accessory she is wearing is from a different decade and gives off a different vibe and asset to her look. Her black boots and leather jacket give her the tough edge of a ‘50s greaser. Her rainbow bandana gives her the fun carefree vibe of a ‘60s hippie and her round lens sunglasses give her the glamorous feeling of a ‘90s celebrity. The way she paired all these items from different decades together gives a fresh new take on the good old past. With a look like this she is the book that can now carry and pass on these stories, so that the valuable memories from them will never die.

How To: Go in your attic or try a thrift store to find some unique older items. When you do, try asking your parents or the cashier where the item came from. You might be surprised by their answer. If you can’t find anything you like in these two places, try looking up pictures of people from different decades online. The story will come from the picture and then you can go shopping in stores around you to try to find items that mimic the ones in the look from the picture.